2017 Wildwood Quilt


This Wildwood Quilt will be sold at this years Country Fest. It is designed by Lucy Maust. At the suggestion of several people, she designed a quilt with wild life. Each time she makes one, it is unique. She says it varies from year to year depending with what fabric she has to work. The quilt features wild animals of North America.

Hand-carved Feather from Gary Yoder


This Black Duck feather, carved by Gary Yoder, will be sold at this year auction.  Gary Yoder is a very talented wood-carver at Spruce Forest Artisan Village.  Gary’s birds have been exhibited at many museums and events, even as far away as Japan (http://spruceforest.org/yoder.php). His carvings are amazingly life-like.  It is a privilege to have one of his feather at Country Fest.


A Quilt with an Unusual History


Quilts are pieced together a little bit here and a little bit there but usually a quilt is pieced by one person.  Fragrance of Bygone Summers has had many ladies involved in its history.

It’s origin is unknown.  It may have began with Clara B. Glotfelty before 1927.  The unfinished center of the quilt was passed along from person to person until in was finally finished in 2015 by Alice Orendorf.

She had difficulty finding just the right old-fashioned thread to finish the embroidery which had been started many years earlier.  After she was done appliqueing the flowers, she got help from a friend, Lucy Maust, who designed the boarders, etc.  After Effie Fisher quilted it, we now have the completed quilt you will see this Country Fest.

A booklet will be included with the quilt that has all the information Alice and Heather Strahin, a history buff,  have been able to collect about this quilt’s origin.